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Hi There! I’m Jess!

Are you Ready to go on an Adventure?!? I can think of no better way to describe the process of either buy or selling a house, then as an adventure.


A little about myself…
I was born and raised here in Bay City, MI, by my two Amazing parents, Tim (The Old Guy) and Michele Wisniewski, along with two fantastic brothers, Jason and Josh Wisniewski. I graduated from Essexville Garber High School, and went on to Delta College where I was given an Associates Degree as a parting gift. After graduation, I still didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I decided to take a chance and head out west to Colorado. I studied the art of Massage Therapy in Boulder, the city where I also met my husband, Dave.

I graduated with my certification in Massage Therapy, and worked helping people regain movement, and recover from injury and surgeries. It was challenging but quite rewarding. Unfortunately, I quickly learned that no matter how much I loved what I did, my previous injuries in life were going to prevent me from maintaining a career as a massage therapist, so I had to search for a new way to help others.

Within a couple years my husband and I moved to Marietta Georgia. We purchased a house there, and started our life in our new town. We were fortunate to be able to travel quite a bit, and explore the southern states while we lived there. Through our travels, I picked up my photography hobby, which has turned into a fantastic asset in my Real Estate portfolio. I also have quite the collection of photographs from so many great places. I believe in collecting memories, rather then things, and what better way to remember those moments, then a snapshot!

A few years later, we left Georgia to move back to Colorado, as we missed the Mile High City. We sold our house in Georgia, and purchased one in Colorado. Seeing the difference in Real Estate Markets is truly amazing. I continued work in the medical field, and worked for a medical team whose focus was patient care.

After a year in Colorful Colorado, my daughter made her debut to the world, and our lives changed in so many ways! I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with her through the first couple years, but there was something missing in our lives.. family..

So we decided to make the move back to my hometown. The one we all know and love! Bay City, MI! We packed up the cars, and drove 24 hours with a one year old and our Great Dane Dozer, and were welcomed with open arms to the community I knew and loved as a kid.

Through all of these changes, I realized one thing. My Passion is to help people. This led me to the decision of becoming a Real Estate Agent, and I was brought onto the team at BEST Real Estate, right here on Midland Street in Bay City.

Whether you are looking to list your home and move on to bigger (or smaller) and better things, or looking to purchase a home for the next phase of your life, I look forward to helping you on this adventure.

I hope you enjoyed my story, and if I can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jess Faulmann
Call/text – 989.439.5336
Carrier pigeon, pony express, – 504 E Midland St. Bay City, MI
or any other means of communication that works best for you!

“People Rarely Succeed Unless They Have FUN in What They Are Doing”
-Dale Carnegie