NAME: Travas J. Gregory
PHONE : (989)751-3041
EMAIL: [email protected]
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I am one of the newest and youngest Real Estate agents in the Bay Area. But don’t let any of that fool you; I have always had a passion for Real Estate. My mission when it comes to real estate is to make buying or selling any type of property as fun and painless as possible.

Before I started practicing under BEST Real Estate I received a small business degree, an entrepreneur degree, an accounting certificate and an automotive degree. You may be asking yourself, “Why an automotive degree when everything else is business oriented?” Well, one of my favorite hobbies is working on old cars. I love the feeling you get when you complete a job. This enjoyment is the same enjoyment I get out of doing real estate. After all, you have to love what you do or there’s no point in doing it. I love taking all the elements of real estate, combining them, and making someone smile at the end of the day. When I am not doing real estate or working on cars I enjoy playing with my dog Bentley. dirt biking and of course spending time with my family, friends, my girlfriend and her beautiful daughter Syierra.